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Everyday Care for Unique Pets

At Suburban Animal Hospital, we’re proud to serve small mammal pets, as well as birds and reptiles. Because these animals are not seen by many traditional practices, it can be difficult for owners to find information about their unique pet. However, our team specializes in the care you need and is happy to connect you with the right resources so you can make informed decisions.

We welcome the following exotic animals and small mammal pets:

Bearded Lizzard

Please contact us if you do not see your pet listed here.

Wellness Care

We offer premium wellness care for birds and other exotic pets. As with any puppy or kitten, you should bring your new exotic pet in for a visit as soon as possible. We strongly recommend twice yearly exams since it can be difficult to determine when an exotic pet is ill. In the wild, these animals normally conceal when they’re sick or in pain. As a result, medical issues may go unnoticed for a long period of time. This allows conditions to worsen, leading to poor health outcomes and prognoses. With bi-annual exams, we can detect problems before they become too serious.

During your wellness visit, we perform a thorough physical exam and review proper nutrition and husbandry. Knowing the right way to handle and care for your animal is central to your role as a responsible pet owner. We also discuss behavior, exercise, and special environmental factors that may be unique to your pet. Of course, wellness exams are also a great time for you to ask questions and raise any concerns.

Surgical Care

At Suburban Animal Hospital, we provide comprehensive services for all our patients. Should your exotic pet need surgical care or require hospitalization, we have the resources, equipment, and training to properly care for and treat your companion

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